change is a comin’



Things probably look quite a bit different from the last time you were here… that is, if you were ever here before!

You see, I had this beautiful blog set up just the way I liked it. I wrote quite a few posts at the beginning, and then slowly and surely I stopped writing. Then apparently I stopped checking my email as well, since my hosting site had sent me notifications about my subscription needing to be renewed.

Considering I wasn’t writing anymore, I figured I’d drag my ass on getting the subscription renewed.  Living in New York is expensive, and I could use the extra $8 a month, or whatever it was I was spending on hosting.  Then I finally got around to wanting to write again and I thought it would be as simple as paying the fee and still having all of my blog still patiently waiting for me.


My entire site was gone! All of my hard work and effort was lost in the vast spider webs of the internet, and I have absolutely no idea how to get it back. Of course the guy on the phone said it was saved and it may take a few hours to get loaded back up.


It never came back. So here we are. With this site that I kind of like, but do not love. Oh well, lesson learned. So it won’t be pretty for a while. I’m still trying to remember my html and css work that I leaned from a random site on the internet.

But bare with me for now. I will try to write more frequently, and if I actually maintain it, then I’ll worry about the appearance of the blog later!